The rule

Unless otherwise noted, the General Conditions of Competition and the Rules of Golf shall be used throughout this event.

A 4-Person Ambrose Event (3-person teams permitted also) shall be played over 18 holes. Male players play from the allocated Male Tees. Female players play from the allocated Female Tees.

• The team handicap is 1/8 of the combined players’ handicap (1/6 for teams of 3 players).
• The Scorecard must show each team member’s name and handicap.  Handicaps: Male maximum of 24, Women maximum of 36
• The scorecard shall be marked on each hole by the designated team captain.
• All team members tee off each hole.
• The team chooses the shot they are going to use.
The golfer whose shot is taken is eliminated from participating in the next shot.
• A player is only eliminated for the one shot following their selected.
• Players shall PLACE their ball within one club length of the selected position, no nearer the hole, and play their second shots. This procedure of selecting a ball and three shots being played continues the ball is in the hole.
• Each ball must be placed on the same surface (fairway, rough, green, fringe or sand) as where the selected ball was marked. In a sand bunker, the sand may be raked prior to placing the ball.
• When on the green, balls are PLACED within one card length of the selected spot.
• Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least THREE (3) times during the round (4 times each for teams of 3). The Scorer must record whose tee shot was used on EVERY hole.
Holes-in-one – Hole 3, 14, 18 have hole-in-one prize on the day (official pre-registered and pre-qualified, non-professional golf participants only are eligible to win these prizes). Participating hole-in-one sponsor’s staff are not eligible to win their hole-in-one prizes. No EMA staff are eligible to win any of the hole-in-one prizes.